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Hanson wants to write a song just for me!

I'd love you all forever!

Chapter Twenty Five

Posted on 2007.04.19 at 04:23
Had this posted on the other site, but didn't upload it onto here. Many apologies for the late update!

Chapter Twenty Five - Fire and RainCollapse )

Chapter Twenty Four

Posted on 2007.03.23 at 18:28
I had little to no inspiration to write this story the past few days, but today, I felt as if I needed to write something - the next few chapters are this 'something', but it won't be the rest of the story, promise.

Chapter Twenty Four: Bittersweet SymphonyCollapse )

Posted on 2007.03.01 at 22:30
Current Mood: depresseddepressed
After the loss of a dear, dear friend from high school whom I loved and adored very much, One More Time will be going on hiatus for a few weeks so I may gather my thoughts, attend the funeral and burial and really see if I'm ready to write more of this story at this time.

I hope you all understand; this story is my baby and I will never not finish it, but right now, there are a few more things more important, such as my sanity and the memory of my beloved friend.

Rest in Peace, John Michael Taylor

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Article about what happened behind the cut.
Always Gonna Be My Shrimpo, foreverCollapse )


Chapter Twenty Three!!

Posted on 2007.02.27 at 01:40
Chapter Twenty Three: Save MeCollapse )


Posted on 2007.02.26 at 05:33
Current Mood: jubilantjubilant
Awards are posted in my userinfo section!

Thank you so, so, so, so much to everyone who voted! It means a lot :) And never fear, Chapter 23 is almost finished :)

Off topic of One More Time

Posted on 2007.02.23 at 03:44
Current Mood: impressedimpressed
Current Music: The Walk - Hanson
But I totally have to give my review of 'The Walk' - I cheated and got it early from Japan, and I'm very happy that I did! Clicky to read my review :)

let's take THE WALKCollapse )

As for 'One More Time', look for an update within the week, hopefully. Classes have kicked me in the ass the last few days, as has the 55 hour work week I now have. Boo. I promise, updates soon :)


The Ugly Truth Awards has wrapped and yours truly has taken home TWO wins and THREE Runner Ups! Thank you so much to whomever voted, and I will have the awards posted as soon as I receive them!

For updates on the story ...

Posted on 2007.02.07 at 00:22
Take a look at the yahoo group I made to keep whomever is interested updated :)


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Posted on 2007.02.01 at 04:33
There's finally going to be a banner to represent this story - my dear friend Jess has stated she will be making one and you will all see my characters as I see them (Zac of course, as himself; and the lovely Kristen Bell (Thanks to Jess) as Alana) - I'm very, very excited to get this up so you all can see it - just wait :)

And just a reminder: If you like this story, or have read my other story, 'Go', please vote for one (or both!) at the Ugly Truth awards :) I have 12 nominations, including best dramatic author, which I'm stoked for :)


Talk to you all soon! :)

Chapter Twenty Two

Posted on 2007.02.01 at 04:31
Chapter Twenty Two: My WonderfulCollapse )

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